Shropshire Prostate Cancer Support Group


Shropshire Prostate Cancer Support Group is a member of the Shropshire and Mid-Wales Cancer Forum the greater Midlands Cancer Network and the National Prostate Cancer Support Foundation.

In all these we are encouraged to contribute to policy development and patient treatment pathways, locally, regionally and nationally. Feedback from member’s experiences will help in these processes.

The Prostate Cancer Support Group offers non-medical support to men and their families who are worried about Prostate Cancer or who have the disease. This we offer throughout Shropshire and part of Mid-Wales, initially through our dedicated phone line, staffed by men every evening who have experience of prostate cancer.

Prostate cancer is often accompanied by periods of anxiety, uncertainty and perhaps feelings of isolation, which can make it difficult to talk about the trauma to friends and even those closest to one.

We are a positive group of people who have found that to talk and share experiences with those who are coping with, or who have had the disease, can be very helpful and therapeutic.

We are not a substitute for medical advice from your GP or Consultant.

Prostate cancer affects 45,000 men and their families each year with sadly about 11,500 dying from it. In Shropshire already 250 men are diagnosed with the disease each year.

There is no national screening programme, but men in categories 'at risk' from the disease are strongly advised to see their GP and discuss having a simple annual blood test for PSA (Prostate Specific Antigen).

The 'at risk' categories are:

- all men over 50

- all men over 40 with a history of disease in the family

- any man over 45 from an African/West Indian ethnic group

Early diagnosis does result in better outcomes so please do not delay to visit your GP.